Hmmn…..just wanna extend my joy to my loved ones…..my friends…..family….mentors…..readers of this site and ultimately to God….whichever category u find urself….just smile and be rest assured that sumone down here is wishing u a healthy val day



Behold!!! a child was born this day,

For i’ve seen you walked this way,

Hated by few,loved by all,

For indeed someone has tread this hall…….

15 years of bliss and glory,

Oh! What a wonderful story,

Lord grant me one wish i pray,

Don’t let my friend go astray…….

Hey fellaz, say it far and near,

Let the whole world hear,

It’s a special friends’ day,

Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray…..

Eat all the cakes,

Do all it takes,

Remember there’s someone here,

Sending a birthday wish…..



So cruel and yet kind,

The good side of it i’m yet to find,

So stupid and yet wise,

Possessing various side like a dice…..

To some its fun,

Bitterness to some,

The fun part i’m yet to find,

To me life is not always kind……

A fairy tale it is; who can tell?

To some it may be hell,

The hell part i’m yet to find,

To me life isn’t hell if you dont mind……

Pleasantries,leisure,joy to some it may bring,

Surely we’ll always sing,

Though the good songs i’m yet to hum,

To me Life is fun….



When your heart is full of it,

You’ll always feel the heat,

Its so natural like a gentle breeze,

It overwhelms you until you start to freeze,

At the sight of the ones you love…..

Sometimes in it you feel lost,

But be careful it might be lust,

Silence your thoughts and let your mind speak,

So you’ll not look like a freak,

At the sight of the ones you love…..

Search your soul,search your mind,

Till the right thoughts you’ll find,

Remember its a gift to mankind,

Even in time of pain,

Sublime Love will persist as the only gain…..

Love what you do and do what you love,

Thats the nature of a dove,

Cherish the ones you love,

As the maker of love cherish you,

For in your heart lies sublime love…..



Suffering for all i care,

If only i can be free from fear,

Wishing and hoping to wear that crown,

But i wont do it without a frown…..

Alas! We’ll end in a fight,

And when it comes to a tight,

One who have it all takes all,

The champion standing up tall…..

Consider a sorrowful mother full of pain,

Lamenting with nothing to gain,

Even if all becomes an empty stray,

She will have nothing to say than to pray…….

Time bides and flies,

But life must go on,

Treasure the life you have to live now,

And end it with a bow…..

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