I have often wondered is brilliancy the same as intelligence? This is a question that would continue to linger in the minds of many people but I would like to inform you that this question could be answered from different perspective…..


From my own perspective:

Brilliancy: the ability of your brain to retain information for a long period of time is what is known as brilliancy note one can be brilliant and the same time not intelligent

Intelligence: this is the application of your brilliancy into productive use note when I mean productive use it could mean many things i.e Make money, improve yourself tactically, get a job, produce something, invent something e.t.c.

So from the brief definition you can now see that brilliancy does not completely means intelligence….

Of course you are free to share your own view about the topic I would be very grateful…



A man sets out to change the phase of the world,but he was never successful,he decided to change his country for good he couldn’t,he then make up his mind to change his state,he still could not,finally he realised that even though he couldn’t change the world,his country and state, he can change himself and the world around him with the way he is viewing it within himself,he then tried to do that,and from that moment his life never remained the same again.
He became the most successful man on earth.

With this short story you can now see that you can change the world around you by viewing it in an optimistic way.