Guangzhou Murder: Nigeria charges China to investigate death of Nigerian

The Nigerian embassy in China has asked Chinese authorities to investigate allegations that police in the southern city of Guangzhou used “high-handed” tactics in arresting a Nigerian citizen who later died in custody.

Africans protest in Guangzhou over Elebechi’s death

Witnesses say Celestine Elebechi, born in 1984, fell into a coma after he was beaten on June 18 as he intervened in a dispute between a Chinese motorcycle driver and another Nigerian, Ademola Oladele.

Hundreds of Africans in Guangzhou on Tuesday, blocked traffic and surrounded the police station to protest Elebechi’s death and demand an investigation.

Guangzhou’s public security bureau said China is investigating the death of a foreigner in police custody “according to the law” but did not say the nationality of the victim involved.

According to the Chinese news agency, Xinhua, the dead African man, “suddenly fell unconscious” at a police station on Monday afternoon “and died after medical efforts failed”, it reported, citing police.

The Africans protest comes ahead of a summit between China and Africa that China is expected to host in July, and amid a crackdown by Beijing and Shanghai on “illegal foreigners”.

Channels Television recently exposed how unfairly about 6,000 Nigerians are lounging in Chinese prisons in a special documentary, Jailed in China.

Beijing recently launched a 100-day campaign to “clean out” foreigners living or working illegally in the city and has stepped up police checks on expatriates.

The Xinhua report said police have launched an investigation into the death and that “police in Guangzhou have called for foreigners to abide by Chinese law and refrain from disturbing public order”.

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