The great and popular king,

Oh! Praise him the bell rings,

Glory in the highest i will shout and sing,

Hail the king of kings.

Giving life to the dead,

He is our saviour,

In him we find peace and favour,

we shall never be the tail but always the head.

He remains the same and will never fail,

when the howling storms of doubt and fear assail,

we shall always prevail,

Hail! Hail!! The king.

He make the blind to see,

Setting the captives free,

who is like unto thee,

Hail! Hail! The king.

He command us by his word,

protecting us with the edges of his sword,

His love bound us together like a cord,

Hail! Hail!! The king.

I’m resting on him and i’ll never fall,

oh come oh come he calls,

he is the all in all,

Hail! Hail!! The king.

Who is this king?

He is the lord of lord

He is GOD.


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