Unas alas en tu cielo.

Tick!  Tick!  Tick!

Seconds by seconds the time ticks away,

Taking with it people who doesn’t Know their way,

Favoring some,Depriving others,

So small it is and yet valuable.


Tick!  Tick!  Tick

Minute by minute Turns to hours,

People in an  hurry to go to work,

The lazy ones at home not wiling to work,

Wasting their precious time.


Tick!  Tick!  Tick!

Hours by hours turns to day,

People in an hurry to homeward journey,

The lazy ones at home bitting their nails,with nothing to eat,

Looking at their purse in curiousity,despite no money.


Tick!  Tick!  Tick!

It’s time to eat says the time,

Alas! the industrious ones will always eat,

The lazy ones feeling the heat,

Lamenting and crying with nothing to eat.


QUESTION:How valuable have you used your time?

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