You're a Friend of Mine

You’re a Friend of Mine

Where are my friends?

They’ve all left me alone,

I am feeling very lonely,

With no one to talk to,

What have i done to warrant this?


May be it is because of my bad ways,

Despite i knowing that it doesn’t pays,

I am now lonely all the day,

Oh! my friends are wicked,

Leaving me to rue my pains.


What am i to do now?

I will not go back to them,

I will Desert them just has they’ve done to me,

And i will never forgive them.


But i can’t stay alone all day long,

Like an eskimo living in a dung,

I have no choice than to make it up to them,

I have to put away pride and just say; I am sorry,

Forgive me friends, i can’t do without you.


QUESTION:How important are your friends to you?

What lesson do you learn from this? answers please



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