Bird - Seagull enjoying the sunset

My dearest bird

The little bird sat on the wall,

Singing like ladies in a ball,

With a pleasant voice like Cyndarella,

Inspiring my world within me.


So elegant did it speak,

With so much sweet voice like a freak,

Making me arouse with joy,

Only if i wasn’t a boy.


Staring at the bird with so much care,

I had within me so much fear,

For i felt for the bird when it was shot by an hunter,

It was just too much for me to bear.


Oh! wicked hunter why did you kill the bird?

The bird i wish to take as a friend,

The bird will never forgive you,

Because you made me lose a precious Friend.


Oh! dearest bird if only i was a girl,

To sing like you someday.


QUESTION: What do you learn from this every one?answers please


3 thoughts on “THE LITTLE BIRD

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