Oh! look at all my money,i have all the riches of life,

I possess land filled with milk and honey,with many wives,

I will surpass the riches of the king of our land,

My riches are uncountable like a heap of sand.


I will go in search of fame,

i will go far beyond immagination,

Just in search of reputation,

And i will become the most famous man.


Oh! why are my wives dying?

And my children crying?

I am just returning from my journey of abode,in search of  fame,

Not until sudden death came.


Oh how vanquished i am now,

Spending my money just to get fame and reputation,

Wasting it in one direction,

Where should i start from?.


I have learnt my lesson of faith,

All this happened because of my fate,

To get rich is a problem,

Spending it and investing it is another.


Oh! cruel fate,

see where you have brought me,

No wander the saying goes;

Experience is the best Teacher.

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